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Ho Math and Chess = A Cool and Fun Way To Learn Math!
Ho Math and Chess = To Learn Math as Easy as 123!


Address: 5707 balsam street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 604-263-4321

Email: mathandchess@telus.net  


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Ho Math and Chess is unique Español


Established in 1995 and founded by Frank Ho, a Canadian math teacher, Ho Math and Chess is founded on the philosophy that children learn math best while having fun. To provide an education and fun learning environment, Ho Math and Chess has created world's first math and chess integrated workbooks and has continued to lead the learning industry in bringing exciting and innovative products to the world.

Ho Math and Chess has produced the world's first copyrighted and proprietary math and chess workbooks for children and all these workbooks are classroom-tested and are proven to be effective in improving math marks. Ho Math and Chess workbooks are being used by franchisees worldwide. Ho Math and Chess Illinois integrated math and chess program has been approved by the USA, Illinois State Board of Education as a SES (Supplemental Educational Services) provider for math tutoring

The Illinois (USA) data has shown that Ho Math and Chess teaching method is statistically significant in raising students' math marks. Details click HERE.


Ho Math and Chess learning center is the only supplemental education franchise dedicated to teaching children math using math and chess integrated workbooks. It is now the world largest franchised scholastic math and chess tutoring organization with worldwide locations to serve you including offices in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Frank Ho invented the unique Math and Chess teaching method in 1995. Today when people talk about Math and Chess, they think about the leading research organization in this highly specialized field - Ho Math and Chess. Ho Math and Chess and Math and Chess are synonyms. 

We not only teach chess, but truly integrate it into our math curriculum by using the world's first combined math and chess workbooks for children. These math and chess education workbooks can be also used as gifted or enrichment teaching materials.
When Mr. Frank Ho started to franchise Math and  chessin late 2004, he had a business vision that is to provide entrepreneurs a business opportunity without incurring huge costs to start up a business and as a result, it gives a chance to those children who normally can not afford private math or chess tutoring. For this reason, Ho Math and Chess is consistently listed by Entrepreneur business magazine as #1 of the lowest cost franchise in North America but with tremendous growth potential - a math and chess learning center with unique and high quality teaching material and an innovative teaching method. Don't just get income from one source, diversify your investments. Ho Math and Chess is perhaps one of the lowest investment risks you could come across.
We encourage people living in disadvantaged areas or countries to join our team to provide "have not" children with their deserving opportunities.
Ho Math and Chess provides you with an opportunity to grow your business not only locally but also globally with a global recognized trademark - Ho Math and Chess

Using an integrative approach, the purposes of Ho Math and Chess program are to (Click the underlined for details.):


Ho Math and Chessis the world leader in math teaching using chess as a teaching tool. This innovative math teaching method not only increases school math scores, it also improves problem-solving ability, increases brainpower, promotes concentration, improves memory, enhances visualization ability. (Click HERE for scientific reports.). This teaching method and world's first integrated math and chess workbooks for children have been classroom-tested in Vancouver, Canada for over 10 years and proven to be effective (click Testimonials for details). Why chess could improve math ability? To put in a nutshell, the main reason is that many math concepts learned in chess are not taught in primary school and the thinking process of making the next move in playing chess is exactly the same  procedure as solving a word problem in math. Details on research reports, click HERE. 

At Ho Math and Chess, we offer tutoring in school math, math exam preparation, SAT prep, mathematical chess puzzles, private entrance exams preparation and chess lessons. Private or group lessons are available.


Frank Ho, a Canadian certified math teacher and tutor, intrigued by the relationships between math and chess after teaching his son chess started Vancouver Ho Math and Chess™ tutoring & learning center over 10 years ago. His long term devotion of research has led his son become a FIDE chess master and also the publications of over 30 math and chess workbooks for children.

Frank wrote the world's first math and chess integrated elementary student workbook for children entitled Mathematical Chess Puzzles for Juniors. Chess benefits children. Working on math puzzles is an excellent way of improving problem-solving ability. By combining chess and math problems together, Frank later created a comprehensive workbook Magic Chess and Math Puzzles for children.  Are you looking for an "edutainment" item to offer to your children? We have the answer.

Today, Ho Math and Chess™ is an international brand name in franchised math specialty learning centre business. Ho Math and Chess™ is the leader in the areas of research, marketing, and teaching integrated chess and math to elementary students. Chess is one of our teaching aids for learning math. 

Ho Math and Chess = A Cool Way to Learn Math! 


We created the world' first Magic Chess and Math Puzzles workbook for children (over 300 pages) The workbook is a revolutionary breakthrough in learning math using chess as a tool. Magic Chess and Math Puzzles  for children is a fun and cool way of learning math and chess together. It improves children's IQ scores and problem solving ability, develops children's critical and logic thinking skills and visualization. The material uses chess pieces, chess points and chessboard etc. to instill mathematical concepts in pattern, logic, geometry transformation, and number theory and many , many other math concepts. The material is created with the ideas of learning math in multi- concept and multi-direction approach. It is an innovative product of teaching elementary mathematics using hands-on experience. More details on Magic Chess and Math Puzzles for children can be found by clicking HERE.


Magic Chess and Math Puzzles is a health food for math improvement and the foremost brainpower boost program.


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 Magic Chess and Math puzzles workbook for children is a natural ingredient for raising children's IQ score and developing their intellectual abilities. Students become better learners when nurtured with the exciting learning tool - Magic Chess and Math puzzles.

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Frank Ho, M.Sc.

  • Founder of Ho Math and Chess
  • Canada certified math teacher
  • Ho Math and Chess is the world's largest franchised math and chess integrated learning center.
  • Google consistently ranks Ho Math and Chess on the first page.
  • Entrepreneur magazine lists Ho Math and Chess as one of the top 500 franchisers.
  • Entrepreneur magazine lists Ho Math and Chess as #1 low investment cost franchise.
  • Paper on integrated math and chess teaching method is published in peer reviewed math journal.

Copyright © 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008-2012. Ho Math and Chess™ is trademark registered and approved. Ho Math and Chess tutor learning centre is federally registered. Ho Math and Chess teaching method is patent pending. We follow the BC Teachers' Federation Code of Ethics.

Ho Math and Chess = To learn math as easy as 123.


Hi, Welcome to Ho Math and Chess learning center, my name is Frank Ho. I am the founder of Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre. Ho Math and Chess learning center is a well established worldwide education franchiser offering the lowest franchise fee. Ho Math and Chess is originated and based in Canada.

To join as a franchisee, you pay no up-front fee, no royalty. A flat franchise fee is all you pay for a protected territory. Sounds too good to be true, what is the catch? Do not take my word for it, check it out on this website. This is an once-in-a-life time opportunity when compared to all other math learning center franchises on the market. 

Honestly, if you read the information presented here but still missed this incredible franchise opportunity then you might kick yourself later. There is no "get rich" quick formula, don't get scammed. Join Ho Math and Chess, if you are qualified, to build a solid career future.

It takes me over 10 years to get to the stage to franchise, believe me, it is not easy. The successful business experience of running a learning center accumulated in my over 10 years of hard work, dedication, research, and financial investments can pass on to you if you join me now.

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Are you children still count on their fingers all the time? They don’t memorize their number facts? Try this natural way of building their math proficiency through rich math and chess integrated worksheets. Ho Math and Chess trains students to become adaptive reasoners and critical thinkers. Math and Chess integrated worksheets re-ignite student’s interest and enthusiasm and bring joy and passion to the process of working on computation exercises. It creates the sense of looking forward to coming to the classroom, eager to learn and discover mathematics.