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Ho Math ChessVancouver West 

201- 6272 East Boulevard (& West 47th)

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

V6M 3V7

Phone: 604-263-4321

Contact: Frank Ho

 Ho Math Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!

Ho Math Chess Club = To learn math as easy as 123. 


 Worldwide Ho Math Chess™ locations to serve you.

Ho Math Chessis gaining international attention and the following list is not the most updated since there are several new franchisees in the pipeline. 

 Click the following underlined Ho Math Chess for details. 

  1. Ho Math Chess Illinois Ho Math Chess™, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  2. Ho Math Chess DC Metro Ho Math Chess™, Washington DC Metro, Maryland, USA
  3. Ho Math Chess Fremont  Ho Math Chess™, Fremont, California, USA
  4. Ho Math Chess Florida Ho Math Chess™, Florida, USA
  5. Ho Math Chess California Ho Math and Chess™, Livermore, California, USA
  6. Ho Math Chess New York Ho Math Chess™, Staten Island, New York, 10312 USA
  7. Ho Math Chess South Easton Ho Math Chess™, South Easton, Massachusetts, 02375 USA
  8. Ho Math Chess Richmond Ho Math Chess, Richmond, B.C.. Canada
  9. Ho Math Chess Burnaby Ho Math Chess™, Burnaby, B.C., Canada
  10. Ho Math Chess Vancouver West Ho Math Chess™, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  11. Ho Math Chess Vancouver East Ho Math Chess™, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  12. Ho Math Chess Quito Ho Math Chess™, Quito, Ecuador
  13. Ho Math Chess Quito Ho Math Chess™, Quito, Ecuador
  14. Ho Math Chess Comarca Langunera Ho Math Chess™, Comarca Langunera, Mexico
  15. Ho Math Chess Benito Juarez Ho Math and Chess™, Mexico City, Mexico
  16. Ho Math Chess Turkey  Ho Math Chess™, Instanbul, Turkey 
  17. Ho Math Chess Lima  Ho Math Chess™, Lima, Peru 
  18. Ho Math Chess Madrid Ho Math Chess™, Madrid, Spain 
  19. Ho Math Chess Singapore Ho Math Chess™, Singapore
  20. Ho Math Chess Jordan Ho Math Chess™, Jordan
  21. Ho Math Chess Vietnam Ho Math Chess™, Vietnam
  22. Ho Math Chess Nigeria Ho Math Chess™, Nigria
  23. Ho Math Chess Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  24. Ho Math Chess Malaysia Ho Math Chess™, Malaysia
  25. Ho Math Chess Illinois Normal, USA 
  26. Ho Math Chess Coimbatore, India 
  27. Ho Math Chess Chang Chun city, China

Each Ho Math Chess™ franchisee is independently owned and operated. For franchise information and comments, please email to homathchess@telus.net or phone Frank Ho at 604-263-4321. Ho Math Chess™ is a cool and fun place to learn math and chess. Each Ho Math Chess uses the same core material but local contents, costs, class sizes, instructional language and the number of courses offered may differ from centre to centre. Please check with local Ho Math Chess™ for details.   

Beware of copycats who use similar names to Ho Math Chess with no teaching philosophy and no integrated math and chess curriculum. All Ho Math Chessintegrated workbooks are copyrighted and are proprietary property.

Ho Math Chess™ has produced copyrighted and proprietary math and chess workbooks (Canada copyright 1069744) and all these workbooks are classroom-tested and proven to be effective in improving math marks. Ho Math Chess™ workbooks are being used by franchisees worldwide.  Ho Math Chess™ Illinois integrated math and chess program has been approved by the USA, Illinois State Board of Education as a SES (Supplemental Educational Services) provider for math tutoring. The purposes of integrated Ho Math Chessprogram are to:

  • raise school math marks.
  • develop problem solving ability.
  • advance chess knowledge.
  • boost brainpower.

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