Watch our video of introducing Ho Math Chess and its general summer program. (This year's summer program contents may vary a bit.)
Vancouver Ho Math Chess summer program


The details of Vancouver West Ho Math Chess program can be found by clicking HERE.

何数棋谜温西 课程内容 请按.

Summer is a special time at Ho Math Chess. It is the time to relax so our summer math and chess camp program is also very flexible, a student could come to our centre once a week, twice week or even every weekday, it is up to you, we tailor to your needs. For example, In Vancouver, we have a special Vancouver summer program and summer math program to suit the individual's need. Please phone each local Ho Math Chess to find out summer camp programs offered in your city.

Whether you want to reinforce what you have learned or get ahead to enrich yourself, we have a special summer camp program for everyone. From math contest preparation to fun with math and chess camp, we offer an array of summer programs for children.

Our strength is we have our own materials developed based on student's needs and fielded tested by Ho Math Chess teachers and teaching specialists. Our summer program or summer camp not only teaches and reinforces student's computational skills, but it also helps students develop problem-solving abilities. This philosophy was clearly identified when Ho Math  Chess was founded over 10 years ago and has ever since been traditionally and faithfully followed by all teachers and all Ho Math Chess partners.

Summertime is a fun time and it also a good time for students to catch up on some unfamiliar topics or learn ahead to prepare for new challenges.

We welcome students to come to Ho Math Chess to a summer program to discover how much they can have fun with math - either to refresh learned but forgotten or to learn something new.

Of course, we also offer different levels of summer chess courses for juniors. Not knowing anything about chess? No problem, we will teach you from the beginning. Want to improve your chess skills? Don't get bored, get on board. Come and join our chess for junior summer programs at Ho Math Chess. We specialize in math, chess, and puzzles integrated teaching and are the world leader and pioneer in this highly specialized field. We invented Symbolic Chess Language and created the world's first commercially available Magic Chess and Fun Math Puzzles for kinder and junior for both day and after-school regular and also summer programs.

Your children not only can enroll in our Vancouver summer program or other Ho Math Chess center's summer programs, but they can also continue the same program in the fall and years ahead in the future. We are a global and very reputable tutoring organization with worldwide locations to serve children's education needs. 

Summertime does not have to be the learning loss time - phone your local Ho Math Chess to find out details about our fun-packed math and chess summer program.  


 Ho Math Chess Regular After-school Program and Day Program


Is there a relation between Math and Chess?

Many research papers have shown that there are benefits of learning chess and also how learning chess could enhance a student's ability in solving math problems. Ho Math Chess has done extensive research in developing the integrated math and chess material and as a result, has actually created the world's first integrated mathematical chess puzzles materials. Ho Math Chess is the authority and world leader in the math and chess integrated teaching by inventing Frankho Geometry Chess Language, Frankho Chess Mazes and also created the world's first math and chess integrated workbooks for elementary students.

For more details on how chess benefits children, click HERE. 

What courses are offered at  Ho Math Chess ™?

Many learning centres offer math courses but only Ho Math Chess learning centre where you could learn chess and math integrated courses with paying one math tutoring fee. At Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, we offer courses which no other places could offer since our copyrighted workbooks are the world's first and unique. We offer the following Math and Chess core courses:

  • Math courses alone for grades 8 to 12 and calculus.
  • Chess courses alone for grades 1 to 12.
  • Math, IQ puzzles, Frankho Chess Mazes, word problems, math contests problems, and mathematical chess puzzles all in one and integrated course for kindergarten to grade 7.

Ho Math Chess Learning Centres are independently owned so various courses may be offered at different learning centres worldwide, please check with your local Math Chess Learning Centre for details.  

Does Ho Math Chess offer assessment?

Yes, we offer free Math Chess ability assessment. This is normally the first step a potential student would require to take in order to register as a student at the centre. Please call us for a free math or chess ability assessment with no obligation.

What special is about  Ho Math Chess ™?

What truly sets Ho Math Chess apart from others is our teaching philosophy.

We have created the materials which integrate word problems, IQ puzzles and computational problems all in one. Our teaching material is unique in the sense they are developed, using our patented Frankho Symbolic Chess Language to integrate chess knowledge into math for the elementary level. This set of workbooks not only trains a child's computational ability, but it also helps a child develop critical thinking skills, help develop brain power and learn chess skills all at the same time, what a fun and wonderful program. Children learn best while having fun. 

All these materials are field tested at the Ho Math Chess headquarter in Vancouver, BC, Canada to tailor to students' needs with different levels of math knowledge. 


 At Ho Math Chess, Math is fun.

 Ho Math Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!