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One-of-its-kind, unique, and copyrighted math, chess, puzzles truly integrated workbooks (Canada copyright no.1069744, Chess symbols Trademark TMA771400)


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 Ho Math Chess fosters children's creative minds. 

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What is Ho Math




Frank Ho, a Canadian certified math teacher and puzzle author/designer, coined the learning centre term Math and Chess and he also founded the world's first math and chess learning centre by creating the world's first math and chess truly integrated workbooks for elementary students in Vancouver, Canada. He invented Frankho Symbolic Chess Language, intriguing Frankho ChessMaze, Frankho ChessDoku and also an unique new chess teaching set. He published math and chess teaching theoretic basis in a Canadian math journal. The USA Illinois research data has shown statistically significant that Ho Math Chess teaching method increases children's math marks and also improves children's critical thinking skills. The Ho Math Chess Teaching Set can improve children's memory by playing half-blind chess.

Today Ho Math Chess is an international iconic brand and is the world authority on the unique math and chess truly integrated teaching method with over 50 research papers published and over 30 workbooks produced using proprietary Frankho Geometry Chess Symbol (Trademarked and Canada copyright number 1069744),

Ho Math Chess offers one-of-its-kind and unique 5 subjects in 1 program, namely, math, IQ chess, mazes, puzzles, and brainpower improvement by paying only one fee.

Ho Math Chess

 Maths et Echecs

 Ho Math Chess  - To raise marks with fun!

World’s largest Children’s Fun Math specialty learning centre (age 4 and up)

Why Ho Math Chess franchising is successful?

Honestly, there are no secrets. It is all down to earth hard work and they finally paid off.

In a nutshell, we truly and honestly deliver what parents and children want. We have successfully integrated chess and puzzles into math by creating fun teaching materials which are unmatched by others. Our teaching method truly boosts children's math marks. Our  workbooks and chess teaching set improve children's brain power. Ho Math Chess enriched workbooks that help actively improve children's brainpower.

Ho Math Chess is the world's largest and leading child education franchise dedicated to teaching children math through its trademarked and copyrighted, one-of-a-kind math and chess integrated workbooks. Ho Math Chess invented the world's first math and chess truly integrated workbook (Canadian copyright number 1069744) and unique, effective chess training set for children as young as 4 years old. 

Ho Math Chess learning center, the world leading authority in math and chess truly integrated teaching and research, has been a top child education franchiser and tutoring franchiser! Click HERE to see what others have said about Ho Math Chess.

Ho Math Chess is based in Vancouver, Canada. math tutoring child education franchise summer education camp summer camp
Headquarters Address: 6093 West Boulevard (& West 45th Street), Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6M 3X2 ate math tutor private chess coach summer math camp
Phone:  1-604-263-4321 for a free assessment or franchise details

Email: fho1928@gmail.com  

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Ho Math Chess = Double learning, double fun with single fee. 

The Illinois (USA) data has shown that Ho Math Chess teaching method is statistically significant in raising students' math marks. Details click HERE.

Beware of copycats who use similar names to Ho Math Chess with no teaching philosophy and no integrated math and chess curriculum. All Ho integrated innovative Math and Chess workbooks for children are copyrighted and are proprietary property; they are sold only through  Ho Math Chessfranchisees. 

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Ho Math Chess  = To learn math as easy as 123™.

Ho Math Chess™  = To learn chess as easy as 123.

At Ho Math Chess, Math is fun.


Ho Math Chessis the pioneer and world leader in the integrated math and chess teaching methodology. Vancouver Ho Math Chess perhaps is the best Vancouver math tutor. It has created world’s first integrated math and chess tutoring workbooks. These math tutor workbooks have been classroom-tested and proven to be effective in raising math marks, improving critical thinking ability, advancing chess knowledge and increasing brainpower. Ho Math Chessis the world’s largest scholastic math and chess franchiser. Ho Math Chessis also the largest Vancouver math specialty tutor center.

  • Mr. Ho was a Canadian certified math teacher and the founder of Ho Math Chess.
  • Ho Math Chess is the world's largest math specialty franchiser.
  • Papers on integrated teaching method are published in peer reviewed math journal.
  • Ho Math Chess teaching method has been statistically proven to be significant in raising students' math marks.
  • www.homathchess.com is the winner of The Teacher's Corner Honour Roll Award.
  • Google consistently ranks Ho Math Chess on the first page.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math Chess as one of the top 500 franchisers.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math Chess as #1 low investment cost franchise.

  • Award winner workbook for Frankho ChessDoku.