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Welcome Mexico Ho Math and Chess
Apr 21, 2006 --

Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess is pleased to announce that Ms. Julieta Ayala has joined Ho Math and Chess team as a franchisee in Mexico.

Julieta has over ten years of experience in the engineering industry, with a focus on management and consulting. Most recently, Julieta held the role of training manager for one of Mexico's leading industry companies.

Aside from earning a B.Sc. degree, Julieta has completed numerous training courses and also has completed the training of Ho Math and Chess teaching method.

Ho Math and Chess is a leading after-school learning centre since 1995. It has created the world's first integrated math and chess workbook. This innovative product not only teaches children math computation ability, it also enhances children's math concepts and problem-solving ability.

Please call Julieta for more details on the progrtams she offers and how she could help your children improve school math marks.