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Ho Math Chess releases Intellectual Property Information
Why Buy a Ho Math Chess Learning Centre Franchise
VANCOUVER -- Mar 3, 2014 --

Ho Math Chess has published a book entitled Why Buy a Ho Math Chess Learning Centre Franchise and the following is its preface.

Many people have asked us about our franchise business and would like to know more about it before making their decisions on opening a HoMath Chess franchised learning centre. They are interested in finding out more about our uniqueness of our workbooks and how effective they are in teaching. They do not know how our innovative and revolutionary math, chess and puzzles combined workbooks are different from traditional math workbooks. Many of them also wonder if our materials will meet their own countries' math curriculums. All these are legitimate questions and there is no better way than that we let our potential franchisees have the privilege to eyewitness our workbooks and do due diligence by researching our teaching methodology and philosophy, our workbooks, and finding out why our centre is a fun math learning centre. This sincere divulgence of our sensitive business information is to help potential franchisees to make a wise decision as to why buying HoMath Chess instead of others. 

HoMath Chess franchise business centres on its innovative teaching methodology using math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks created by using our copyright protected property intellectual properties. Our business has substance which differentiates fundamentally from other competitors. In this book, we will address these properties. Our flagship invention Frankho ChessDoku also has won a book awards. 

Some of franchisees would like to find out how we integrated math, chess, and puzzles all in one workbook and wonder if they indeed make learning math more interesting and fun for kids. Answers for all these questions could be found in this book and also sample of our worksheets are provided. The effectiveness of our teaching can be witnessed by the referrals from our parents and those referrals can be read from our website The USA Illinois research paperhas shown that HoMath Chess teaching method statistically significant increases children's math marks and also improves children's critical thinking skills. 

We would like to show that franchisees are not just buying our business know-how; they are buying our innovative materials and also using our inventions. We have many proprietary and internationally copyright protected intellectual properties which other similar math learning centres could not offer but us. 

We hope by reading through this book, it will allow you to understand how unique our quality workbooks are and how fun our teaching methodology is. HoMath Chess is truly a fun math learning centre and it truly also helps kids raise their math marks and improves their thinking skills. 

Many articles included here were previously published by Frank and Amanda Ho.HoMath Chess will be expanding business in China so some Chinese articles are also included in this book. Some Spanish articles are also included here to help potential franchisees in Spanish speaking countries. 

The book can be purchased from