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Ho Math Chess awarded with Creative Child Award
Jun 18, 2013 --

2013 Creative Child Awards program consisting of moms and educators has awarded Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles for children workbook in the Educational Puzzle Books Category. 

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Introducing Ho Math Chess

Ho Math Chess, Oh! its program is so fun and cool!

Ho Math Chess is the only child education learning centre franchise dedicated to teaching children math through problem solving by using game-based approach - chess and puzzles.

Many children are turned off by continuing working on boring worksheets and Ho Math Chess integrated worksheets using its own innovative and copyrighted technologies such as Geometry Chess Language, Ho Math Chess Teaching Set, Frankho ChessDoku, and Frankho ChessMaze to have created a series of interesting and fun math and chess integrated workbooks. 

When compared to traditional worksheets, Ho Math Chess worksheets motivate, nurture, and inspire children in exploring math the fun way.  Ho Math Chess worksheets excite children's curiosity and arouse their thinking and make learning more interesting. Ho Math Chess worksheets are multi-function and integrate math, puzzle, chess, logic all in one. Ho Math Chess makes children happy when learning math.