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Elementary Grades Math, Chess, and Puzzles Contest
May 22, 2013 --

Mr. Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math Chess Learning Centre headquartered in Vancouver, Canada,  is very pleased to announce the first world unique Math, Chess, Puzzles all-in-one Contest for elementary students. 

Feeling your mind unchallenged and brain underutilized? This is a unique opportunity to challenge your math ability as well as your mental mind. This one-of-its-kind math contest is especially designed for children from grade 1 to grade 7 to have an opportunity to test their intellectual acuity on an array of mental activities including math computing problems, chess puzzles and mazes, and IQ puzzles. This is a very exceptional, all round and high-order thinking mental exercise opportunity. There are no other math contests in the world similar to this one!

This contest is to be held in September, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. For details, please visit