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Ho Math and Chess awards franchise in Nigeria
Dec 7, 2010 --



Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess based in Canada, is very pleased to announce that a new franchise from Nigeria has joined Ho Math and Chess team. 

Ho Math and Chess Nigeria is located in Lagos, Nigeria and is managed by Mr. Johnson  Yaya. Mr. Yaya has a master's  degree in Computer Graphics and Virtualization, Elgland, UK. He has been working in the information system for over 10 years.

Johnson believes that Ho Math and Chess unique math program which integrates international chess and puzzles into math curriculum not only can improve children’s math ability but also their critical thinking and problem solving skills in a fun environment.

Ho Math and Chess invented the innovative geometry chess symbol and teaching chess set which helps children understand the concept of math as young as four years old. 

Johnson believes that the future math teaching is to integrate math and fun together this is why every child needs Ho Math and Chess program. Math learning is fun with this unique Ho Math and Chess program, math can be fun by having children working on puzzle-like worksheets. 

You can contact Johnson about Ho Math and Chess via phone at 234 (0) 8025016734.

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