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Teaching mathematics through chess game, puzzles, and vitual toys
Vancouver -- Feb 16, 2010 --

Teaching mathematics  through game chess, puzzles and virtual toys


Frank Ho, Amanda Ho

Ho Math and Chess Teachers


After we gave some kids our innovative math worksheets which combine math, puzzles and chess; some children responded with, "I want to do sheets." when we tried to give them more traditional-like math worksheets. When children told us what kind of math worksheets they like, we know we have hit on something, something children really like. 

Children will do repetitive math worksheets but they dislike them if were "forced" to do it day in and day out. The problem is their brains have not been challenged and they do not get pleasure out of doing repetitive work. They will feel much happier if the results of working on some worksheets lead them to feel that they have accomplished something. It is the satisfaction of working on math worksheets makes them happy.

Ho Math and Chess has been embarking on the mission to create and research some innovative math worksheets so that students will not only improve their math ability but also feel satisfied. To achieve this purpose, Ho Math and Chess is very pleased to announce to have successfully created and invented a math, chess, puzzles, and virtual toys combined worksheet. This world first and revolutionary product is using Ho Math and Chess' proprietary technology and has been field test at Vancouver headquarters, some parents called it "amazing" worksheet.

Why children like Ho Math and Chess worksheets? Simply put, it is printable, pencil and paper type smart math worksheets. Why our math worksheets are "smart"? Smart math worksheets have the following characteristics:

- Rich features. Our worksheets combine math, chess, puzzles, and virtual toys all-in-one.

- Children have to go through a puzzle-like process to "mine" questions before they can solve problems. It is unbelievable since children see no questions on Ho Math and Chess worksheets.

- Has visual effect and information is represented in 3D (virtual toys), symbols, and tables.

- Operation procedures are much similar to INTERNET or smart cell phone with "clicks" to get more information. 

- Children get fun out of these smart worksheets because they are engaged in activities, not being "forced" to do.

- Children not only trained in computation but also are trained in how to solve problems.

- Children are asked to write problems and solve them, instead of being asked to just write answers like many other traditional math worksheets do. This procedure reinforces their learning process. 

- Children were deeply involved in puzzle-like activities while working on Ho Math and Chess worksheets by following directions and this process is much like a role play type of game. 

Ho Math and Chess worksheets are smart and make children feel happy while learning.  Children like to come to Ho Math and Chess and smile when parents pick them up - this is our best testimonials for our products. We are achieving it.