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Ho Math and Chess releases Frankho Puzzle
A unique fun math workbook for children
Vancouver, Canada -- Jul 19, 2009 --

Vancouver, Canada July 19, 2009 - Ho Math and Chess, leader in math, chess, and puzzles integrated teaching of supplemental education, announced today that it has officially released its technology breakthrough flagship product Frankho PuzzleTM.  Frankho PuzzleTM is a math specialty workbook which integrates chess and Sudoku logic into math worksheets. This workbook has been field tested at Vancouver Ho Math and Chess since August, 2008 and has received excellent responses from parents and students.

Students as young as 4-year old can use Frankho PuzzleTM and it also is a good training workbook for young children to learn chess and math at the same time.

"This product signals an important milestone which Ho Math and Chess has able to reach. Ho Math and Chess not only incorporates chess into math but also has successfully embraced puzzles and chess together directly into math worksheets," said Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess, based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Ho Math and Chess is the leading provider for children's fun math learning and teaching method. Ho Math and Chess invented Ho math and Chess teaching set, math, chess, and puzzles integrated workbooks, Frankho Puzzle, Frankho Maze, and Brainpower Math. All these products are unique and have been developed by using copyrighted and trademarked proprietary technologies.

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