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Ho Math and Chess takes a global path
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Vancouver, Canada -- Nov 18, 2008 --

Frank Ho, CEO of Ho Math and Chess, has a vision to turn the relatively small franchise company he started in 2005 into a global force in child education franchise.

Can he do it?

With his unconventional and unique business model by charging only US $2100 a year for the franchise fee, the entry fee is much less burden when compared to other competition. Many believe the semi-retired Canadian math teacher can make it to the world stage.

How does he do it?

Frank has a vision to make his unique math and chess integrated teaching method available to all children in the world. What is incredibly unique about Mr. Ho's ability is his creativity. Under his guidance, his research team has created over 30 world's first innovative math and chess integrated workbooks and many were created using his patented (pending) technology. Among all franchised child math learning centers, he perhaps is the only CEO who still teaches math.

" I teach kindergarten to grade 12 students and I can see why some students failed and I use that to improve our workbooks." says Frank Ho.

What is the future of Ho Math and Chess?

The future of  Ho Math and Chess is to offer integrated solution on how to improve children's math ability. The integrated solution lies in the direction that Ho Math and Chess is taking to not only get students to do computation but also get them to be well versed in problem solving and work on how to improve their brain power. With this approach, Ho Math and Chess has set itself apart from others and it will be very appealing to parents and children to go to Ho Math and Chess to learn.