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Ho Math and Chess Announcing the Invention of U-Pick Math
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Vancouver, Canada -- May 7, 2008 --

Frank Ho, world renowned math and chess worksheets creator and founder of Ho Math and Chesstm, is very pleased to announce another  innovative type of math worksheet invention: U-Pick Math Worksheets. The uniqueness of this U-Pick Math Worksheet is it gives children the choice to pick the data they want to compute.

The more thinking process for children to be involved in math computation worksheets, the more they are engaged, concentrated, and enlightened and the less they will feel bored. With this in mind, Ho Math and Chess has invented and produced many inventions including the following world's first, unique and patented or proprietary math worksheets for elementary students:

  • Universal Word Problem Solving Method
  • U-Pick worksheets™
  • Frankho Math IQ workout™
  • Frank Ho Chess Mazes™  
  • Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set
  • Math and Chess integrated worksheets
  • Kumon Chess™
  • Ho Chinese and Math™
  • Frankho Chess Mazes and Castle Math™  

Ho Math and Chess is the leader in teaching math using game-based approach by creating an unique math and chess truly integrated worksheets. By inventing Symbol Chess Symbol and creating the Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set, children as young as 4 years old can learn chess with ease and fun.

At Ho Math and Chess, not only children raise their math marks, they also improve their critical thinking skill and brain power and all these activities are conducted in a fun learning environment. Children tried Ho Math and Chess materials and become addictive.

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