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Announcing Frankho Brainpower Fitness™ program
Ho Math and Chess Brain Fitness™ program
Vancouver and worldwide -- Apr 22, 2008 --

Ho Math and Chess™, an international child education franchiser headquartered in Canada, is very pleased to launch the special and summer program Frankho Brainpower Fitness™.

Chess has been known to improve children's problem solving ability and children's math ability is related their cognitive ability. Improving children's cognitive ability in numeracy will improve their thinking skills in solving math problems.

Frankho Brainpower Fitness™ is created by Ho Math and Chess' founder Frank Ho. Frankho Brainpower Fitness™ differs from other brain fitness program in one unique factor that is Frankho Brainpower Fitness™  is specially created for children of age 12 and under to improve children's math ability in the areas of pattern, visualization, spatial, sequence, manipulation of symbols, reasoning, logic, visual perception, and critical thinking skill etc. Frankho Brainpower Fitness™ integrates IQ puzzles with Frank Ho's  patents applied inventions: namely, Geometry Chess Symbol, Frankho Chess Mazes, Frankho Mathchess Puzzles,  Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set.

Frankho Brainpower Fitness™ is fun to work and at the same time it also improves children's brainpower. 

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