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Ho Math and Chess Awards Master Franchise in Middle East
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Vancouver, canada -- Jan 13, 2008 --

Ho Math and Chess Awards Master Franchise in Syria 


Frank Ho, the founder of Ho Math and Chess is very pleased to announce that a master franchise in Damascus, Syria has joined Ho Math and Chess team.  

Ho Math and Chess Syria is headquartered in Damascus, Syria. Ho Math and Chess Syria is managed by Mr. Basil Abbas. Basil has a Master of Science degree from USA and has over 25 years of educating experience including teaching English.

As a engineer and educator, Basil is very keen on using chess as a conduit to get children interested in math.

Basil has completed math and chess integrated teaching training at Ho Math and Chess headquarters in Canada. In Canada, Basil has witnessed how children are learning math using math and chess integrated worksheets by the meas of using the innovative products invented by Ho Math and Chess including Geometry Chess Symbol, Frankho Chess Maze, Ho Math and Chess teaching set and its world's first math and chess integrated workbooks. All these products have differentiated Ho Math and Chess from others not only in its unique edutainment teaching philosophy but also in its breakthrough products in teaching math.

Ho Math and Chess' integrated workbooks improve children's math ability and advance their chess knowledge and also increase their brain power. One of the most amazing effects is that Ho Math and Chess Teaching set can improve children's memory due to its unique design by playing half-blind or blind chess.

Basil likes Ho Math and Chess' idea of children learning math in a fun and stimulating environment. 

Basil welcomes parents and students to contact him about these Ho Math and Chess exciting programs he brings to Middle East.  

Ho Math and Chess is the world leader in integrated math and chess teaching. Chess is an excellent education tool for teaching math in enhancing problem-solving ability and in improving children’s brainpower. Ho Math and Chess created the world's first math and chess integrated workbook for elementary students and this product has become the flagship product of Ho Math and Chess.

All Ho Math and Chess integrated workbooks are copyrighted and are proprietary property; they are sold only through Ho Math and Chessfranchisees. 
Employing a teaching philosophy and vision with chess as a teaching tool, Ho Math and Chessgets children interested in learning math. How are chess and math related? Ho Math and Chess has been embarking on this intriguing quest since 1995 and as a result, created integrated world's first commercially available math and chess workbooks. The most surprising finding was that some math concepts used in playing chess are not taught during the first few years of schooling (Visit for free articles: Comparing BC math curriculum and chess for details).
Ho Math and Chess is the pioneer and world leader in integrating math and chess teaching, with in-depth research and worldwide franchisees to serve you.
Its unique teaching method integrates math and chess in such a way that students learn to visualize and analyze integrated math and chess problems. The analyzed information is then converted into meaningful numerical values.
These integrated workbooks have been tested and proven to improve visualization, spatial relationships and critical thinking skills, in addition to fundamental computational skills. Published research papers written by Frank Ho can be found at
The Ho Math and Chess program is approved by the USA Illinois state of Education Board as a Supplemental Education Program.