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Ho Math and Chess invents chess, math and puzzle worksheets
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- Sep 27, 2007 --

Frank Ho, the founder of Ho Math and Chess and inventor of symbolic chess language and new chess training set  (patent pending), is very pleased to announce another innovative math teaching idea breakthrough in developing math and chess integrated workbook. A High Performance workbook which integrates a newly invented chess, math, and puzzle worksheets is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks.  These worksheets are innovative, interesting, and entertaining for children to make relevant connection between math and chess. 

Ho Math and Chess is founded on the philosophy that is math is not just computing but a discipline involves analytical and thinking skills in processing information. Today, Ho Math and Chess continues to transcends its founding philosophy to the creations of all its workbooks. 

By following chess moves created by Symbolic Chess Language, a student can hunt answers by following a few trails using math concepts of symbolic manipulations, functions, transformations, and coordinates. Students must combine the knowledge of chess and math to solve these basic math and chess integrated problems. For example, it is really amazing to see a simple 5 + 5 question morphed to be a sophisticated problem-solving type of problem. The requirement to have the questions written out by the students will further facilitate the memorization of basics facts.

Ho Math and Chess is not a system designed to turn youngsters' brains into high-speed calculators like some other math franchised system, instead it is a teaching method to train children how to think through math and chess integrated workbooks and the chess itself. The computation method does not deviate from the system children learned at their schools but only reinforces it. 

The Ho Math and Chess teaching system gets children excited about numbers through a series of mini-puzzle like math and chess integrated problems so even a simple addition problem can be turned into a mind-provoking problem. Children is trained to think to get answers and this approach is more interesting to children and they become more focused and engaged when working on Ho Math and Chess worksheets than traditional learning exercise worksheets. The most important is youngsters are learning in a fun environment at Ho Math and Chess. 

It is a puzzle, chess, and math all in one workbook.  

These math and chess integrated worksheets are fun and educational and the purpose is to improve children's abilities in visualization, spatial relation, logic, and also their critical thinking skills. By going through this thinking process, the worksheets cultivates students to be more patient.  

Ho Math and Chess is world leader in creating and researching math and chess integrated workbooks and is the only international child education franchise dedicated to teaching math through chess. More details about Ho Math and Chess can be found at 

Any questions please direct to Frank Ho, 604-263-4321, or email to Ho Math and Chess is headerquartered at Room 4, 2265 West 41st, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6R 3H5.