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Ho Math and Chess releases new math and chess integrated workbook
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Vancouver -- Aug 1, 2007 --

Mr. Frank Ho, CEO and founder of Ho Math and Chess Learning Center headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is very pleased to announce the release of an unique math and chess integrated workbook. This new workbook is suitable for primary children and is created by using Ho Math and Chess new technology Symbolic Chess Language (patent in application). 


This workbook is considered as a major scientific breakthrough in developing math and chess integrated workbooks. Children work on visual image (not just pure numbers), chess symbols, abstract chess values, chess directions, and tables; all these are stimuli to kids and keep their interests high while working on computation problems. This also gives children ample opportunities to think visually. Most of the time, the computation questions themselves are not written for children to work on immediately but for children to "create" themselves and these questions have to be actually "mapped" out by following directions and children love them. Children learn best while having fun.


Ho Math and Chess workbooks can magically keep children's attention span longer than a typical math workbook could.


These puzzle-like problems are very different from the traditional formats of computation problems because these math and chess integrated problems not only educational but they also provide mental entertainment. 

More details on the workbook, please visit or phone Frank Ho at 604-263-4321.