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Ho Math and Chess CEO interviewed by Top New Franchises
Ho Math and Chess is a top franchise
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- May 14, 2008 --

Ho Math and Chess is the world’s largest franchised math and chess specialty learning center. It is renowned for its world’s first integrated math and chess workbook using proprietary Symbol Chess Language (patent in application) to teach math and chess.  

Top New Franchises interviewed Frank Ho about his unique, low-cost educational tutoring franchise.


TNF:  Welcome, Frank, and congratulations on your nomination for Top New Franchise!

FH:  Thank you.  I’m glad to be here.


TNF:  How do you describe the Ho Math & Chess franchise concept?

FH:  Ho Math and Chess is the only child education franchise dedicated to teaching children math using chess as a teaching tool. Ho Math and Chess believes children learn best when they have fun; with this in mind, Ho Math and Chess fosters a learning environment that is not only educational but also a fun place to learn math.


Math is more than just computation. Ho Math and Chess not only emphasizes the importance of learning basics math, but also the skills of solving math problems are equally important. Children at Ho Math and Chess get plenty opportunities to work on math and chess integrated mathematical chess puzzle type of problems to improve children’s critical thinking skills.


At Ho math and Chess, chess is used as a math learning tool and is integrated into math curriculum. Theoretic basis on math and chess integration has been published in math journal. Statistical data has proven Ho Math and Chess program raises children’s math marks and improves children’s problem solving ability.


TNF:  When did you launch the Ho Math & Chess franchise program?  How many franchises are up and running?  Is the chain growing?

FH:  Although Ho Math and Chess has been running since 1995, Ho Math and Chess franchise was launched in late 2004 and today there are 24 franchises worldwide including locations in Canada, USA, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Philippines, and Turkey etc. countries.


TNF:  Where are you looking to expand?  What types of markets and demographics work best?

FH:  Ho Math and Chess only charges annual franchise fee of US $2,000 and there are no royalty fee, no up-front fee, no advertising fee, no per student fee, no material fee whatsoever charged, so we are looking to expand worldwide and in large cities or small cities.


TNF:  What is the need in the marketplace that Ho Math & Chess franchise owners will meet?  How does Ho Math & Chess’s solutions differ from competing programs?

FH:  Many parents and students are looking for a supplemental math program which is not just doing practice after practice and drill after drill, this boring way of just doing computation has caused many children feel stressful and even fearful. Ho Math and Chess offers a math and chess integrated program in such a way that children learn math in a fun and educational environment. Parents pay one course fee and children learn both math and chess at the same time.


Ho Math and Chess created an unique math and chess integrated workbook using proprietary teaching methodology to reinforce math basics concepts and children get to work on high-level thinking type of problems which require children to use both chess and math knowledge. It is almost magic that a boring simple addition problem could be turned into a multi-step, multi-level thinking and abstract problem. Children work on challenging and fun problems, instead of working only on repetitive computation problems.


TNF:  Tell us a little bit about the kind of person who would make a good Ho Math & Chess franchise owner?  What are the backgrounds of some of your franchise owners?

FH:  Persons with education background or have a passion of educating children are all eligible. Any existing learning centers could also add Ho Math and Chess as an add-on program to bring the benefits of Ho Math and Chess program to more children. Persons with business background and would like to run a learning center could hire teachers to start a Ho Math and Chess learning enter.


TNF:  What qualities are important to you in selecting new franchisees for your system?  What makes a good franchisee?

FH:  A desire to succeed, a love of educating our future generations, and an attitude of working hard. A person who cares and loves children.


TNF:  How do Ho Math & Chess franchise owners attract new customers?  How do they create repeat business?

FH:  By telling parents how unique of Ho Math and Chess program is and show our unique and innovative workbooks.


TNF:  Of the training and support services you provide franchisees, which do you think are most valuable to their long-term success?

FH:  Our on-going and continued updates of our workbooks and the availability of 7/24 download from Ho Math and Chess web site. Our continued support of marketing leads and tips to Ho Math and Chess franchisees are great help to them to get more business.


TNF:  What makes Ho Math & Chess different from other franchise opportunities?  How is it a unique opportunity?

FH:  Ho Math and Chess world’s first math and chess integrated workbook is the flagship product of Ho math and Chess. All these workbooks are created based on our research results. I have written and published several research papers on math and chess integrated subjects. I have invented the Symbolic Chess language (SLC) and have applied for patent protection. I have created a new chess training set. The research data conducted in Illinois, USA has proven statistically significant that Ho Math and Chess program raises children’s math marks. All these have made tremendous difference between Ho Math and Chess and other learning centers and made Ho Math and Chess an innovative and very unique learning center.


TNF:  Anything else you’d like to share?

FH:  It is not just Ho Math and Chess teaching philosophy and its workbooks are unique. Its franchise business model is also one-of-a-kind since the only fee that franchisee needs to pay is the annual franchise fee and it is US $2,000 now.


TNF:  Thanks for sharing this information about Ho Math & Chess, Frank, and congratulations on the many positive comments you are receiving from franchisees, students and parents about your program.

FH:  Thank you.