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Illinois Ho Math and Chess is a SES provider
Jun 23, 2006 --

Mr. John P. Buky owns and manages Ho Math and Chess of Illinois and it has been approved as a SES provider by the Illinois State Board of Education. It is a great news for Ho Math and Chess as John says "Great news for Ho Math and Chess!!! I believe this is history also in the U.S. - for the first time chess is now getting recognized as part of education!!"

Ho Math and Chess™ of Illinois


A SES provider approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.


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please contact John at 773-414-2967.

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What is Ho Math and Chess?

Ho Math and Chess is an internationally franchised learning center, which specializes in teaching math using chess as part of its teaching tools. It was established in Vancouver, Canada in 1995 by Canadian certified math teacher Frank Ho, as a supplemental mathematics-tutoring provider. Over 12,000 students have been serviced since then and today it has 11 locations worldwide. Mr. John P. Buky, manager and owner of Ho Math and Chess of Illinois, is very pleased to bring this innovative math teaching method to the state of Illinois. John is a certified and experienced teacher and chess coach, also having done pioneering work in the fields of education and chess. John serves as a member of the United States Chess Federation Chess in Education Committee.

How is Ho Math and Chess different from others?

A myriad of research supports the educational benefits of chess, so that by using chess as a component of mathematics instruction, the learning effect is multiplied.

Ho Math and Chess created the world’s first math and chess integrated workbook for elementary students. These proprietary and copyrighted teaching materials are created in multi-concept, multidirectional, and multi-step to further stimulate students’ interest in learning mathematics. Its workbook and teaching method have been field-tested in Vancouver, Canada for over 10 years and is proven to be effective in improving student’s math scores. Testimonials can be found at

How does Ho Math and Chessof Illinois math program help children?

Not only does Ho Math and Chess emphasize computation skills, students can also improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills by working on integrated math and chess workbooks. Ho Math and Chess of Illinois offers individualized teaching for each student with a low student-teacher ratio of 10:1. We offer bilingual instruction in Spanish and other languages.

Chess is used as a learning tool to improve students’ problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills in the areas of logic, pattern recognition, perception, coordination, spatial relations, decision-making, and visualization. Our program encourages students to tap into their potential and curiosity using a variety of mathematical chess puzzles worksheets and problem-solving materials. These worksheets could also boost a student’s brainpower. The diversity of our worksheets is flexible enough to meet each student's individual and unique learning needs and style.

What is the mission of Ho Math and Chess of Illinois?

The mission of Ho Math and Chess of Illinois is to challenge each student's potential to the fullest and to excel each student's problem-solving abilities to the highest by providing a unique and enriched mathematics curriculum.

Our goal is to build a solid mathematics foundation for each student while improving their critical and independent thinking abilities, confidence, self-respect, and skills necessary for lifelong researching and learning.