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Ho Math Chess has received the following media reports and awards since its inception of franchising in 2004.



Ho Math Chess is listed as one of the Franchise 500 (not ranked) in the category of Children's Enrichment Programs in the US Entrepreneur magazine, January/February, 2018.



Ho Math Chess is listed as one of the Franchise 500 (not ranked) in the category of Children's Enrichment Programs in the US Entrepreneur magazine, January/February, 2017.





Ho Math Chess has been included in the Top 10 List of Business Franchises in Canadian Business Franchise 2017 Directory.

Ho Math Chess is listed in the 2016 Entrpreneur Top 500 Franchises Opportuities list.




Ho Math Chess has included in the Entrepreneur January 2015 Franchise 500 Directory although not ranked. Please see page 192 for details.





Ho Math Chess was reported in the following paper.
Ho F. (2006) research paper Enriching Math Using Chess was cited in the following research paper - Our move: Using chess to improve math achievement for students who receive special education services, International Journal of Special Education (2011)
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 1:42 PM
Subject: invitation to London Chess & Maths conference
Dear Frank,

at the next Chess & Education Conference in London on 6 and 7 December 2014 we will provide a showcase for leading chess education software and materials. We would be pleased to have you and present Ho Math Chess.

We offer you free exhibition space and time (to be included in the programme) and no registration fee. We can also accomodate a presentation if you are interested.
Please find information and updates on the conference at
Kind regards,

Stefan Loeffler
Director Chess&Education London Conference Chess & Maths 6/7 Dec 2014
Wissenschafts-, Gesundheits- und Schachjournalist
Projektmanager Deutsche Schulschachstiftung
+43 (0) 650 / 2189098

Ho Math Chess Learning Centre is listed as one of the top 10 categories in franchising in the Entrepreneur Magazine, page 112, December, 2013.

Ho Math Chess is ranked as one of the the popular crowd - biggest opportunities of next year.

Ho Math Chess got Happy Mother's attention.



Ho Math Chess Learning Centre is listed as one of the top 10 categories in franchising in the Entrepreneur Magazine, page 112, Decedmber, 2013.

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Ho Math Chess workbooks have been translated into Turkish. 

Ho Math Chess workbook Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles - ChessDoku has been awarded a Creative Child Award.

Ho Math Chess is listed in the Entrepreneur's June 2013 FRANCHISE as one of the hottest franchises.   

Susan Polgar reports Frankho ChessDoku: A new concept.

Ho Math Chess is listed in the Entrepreneur's 2013 FRANCHISE 500 directory (not ranked) (For details, see January 2013 Entrpreneur p. 168).

Ho Math Chess is  recognized as one of the best education franchises as published in, January, 2013.

Frank Ho (founder of Ho Math Chess), author of the paper "" which has been cited in other research paper "Does Playing Chess Improve Math Learning?" 


Children's Enrichment

Enrichment programs are gaining ground on traditional tutoring franchises, as parents and schools alike realize that grades are just part of the education.  Ho Math Chess Learning Centre has been listed as one of the top franchise categories for the year 2013.

The 2013 trends issue Entrepreneur, page 115.

 Ho Math Chess Learning Centre has been recognized as one of 232 low-cost srartups business opportunities in Entrepreneur's Startups (page 38), summer 2012.

You can buy Frankho Math and Chess Puzzles in Australia from Booktopia.

Ho Math Chess has been recognized as one of the hot business opportunities in  Entrepreneur's Startups, April 2012.





Ho Math and Chess has been listed as one of the TOP 10 For 2012 franchise trends by th Entrpreneur magazine (page 106, December, 2011).


See Frank Ho's comment on the Chess and Math article at 

Mark Hasiuk

Vancouver, Canada

Courier community   newspaper  

News, politics, culture. An independent voice from Vancouver.

February 23, 2011

Separate schools won't solve aboriginal problem

(Vancouver Courier, Feb. 2, 2011)

Separate but equal. A poisonous euphemism abolished by the American civil rights movement during segregation's twilight years. Post-integration, black kids in America continue to struggle scholastically as black communities deal with high crime rates, drug use and single-parent homes.

In Vancouver, aboriginal kids face similar challenges with equally dreary results. Last week at Point Grey and Templeton secondary schools, Jo-Ann Archibald, associate dean for indigenous education at UBC, helped moderate two public forums on aboriginal education. On the agenda: a proposed mini school for aboriginal students.

Archibald, who grew up on a reserve in the Fraser Valley, believes in success through separation. "Some form of a school that has an aboriginal focus or perspective is needed, and would have great benefit."

According to Ministry of Education records, 58,659 students attend Vancouver public schools including 2,114 aboriginal students. Last June, only 31 per cent of Grade 12 aboriginal students graduated from high school compared to 72 per cent of their non-aboriginal classmates. Due to a high dropout rate, important courses such as Mathematics 12 and Biology 12 are virtually devoid of aboriginal students.

Despite these statistics, Archibald rejects any notion that aboriginal students are failing. On the contrary. According to Archibald, the school district has failed aboriginals. "Often the school curriculum doesn't reflect much aboriginal culture, history, knowledge. So students may not feel a sense of belonging." Archibald also blames the district's institutional racism, occasionally voiced by teachers in the classroom. "Sometimes teachers may make a remark, and sometimes it's students. We have a number of factors that create difficulty for aboriginal children."

The Vancouver School Board embraces Archibald's worldview. She's helped evaluate district aboriginal programs and consults with school board officials. In June 2009, the board, dominated by Vision Vancouver and chair Patti Bacchus, ratified the so-called Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement--an overtly political document, drafted over several years by a handful of First Nations bands, each jostling for influence in the public school system.

Incidentally, compared to other ethnic groups and demographics, the aboriginal student population is richly served. The school district employs aboriginal curriculum consultants and an aboriginal district administrator. Fully staffed aboriginal "resource rooms" operate in many schools alongside First Nations leadership training, culture and language programs. Two courses—B.C. First Nations Studies 12 and English 12 First Peoples—are dedicated to the aboriginal experience. Yet aboriginal student performance remains stalled. Asian students, on the other hand, succeed without a heavy focus on Asian history or a wide network of Asian-centric programs. The anecdotal evidence is obvious, and according to some, overwhelming. (See the recent controversy involving Maclean's magazine and the "Too Asian" environment at Canadian universities.)

Frank Ho, founder of Math + Chess, a tutoring company headquartered in Kerrisdale, helps teach hundreds of kids math principles, preparing them for high school and post-secondary studies.

Before opening his centre, Ho, an immigrant from Taiwan, worked as a statistical consultant at UBC and taught summer school at St. George's prep school for boys. Ho believes curriculum, while important, rates low among determining factors for student success. "It's about the way parents believe their kids should improve in education. It's the parents, basically. It's not the school."

According to Ho, the poor performance of some Asian students proves the importance of parental influence. "It's not race dependent. Asian people—particularly Chinese, Korean, Japanese—their emphasis is very much on education. This comes from a traditional way of raising the kids. Some Chinese do good, some Chinese do bad. The dividing line is the parents."

Contrast that view with Archibald's indictment of the public school system, with its endemic racism and dysfunction. That narrative, intentionally or not, absolves aboriginal parents and students of personal responsibility.

Racism exists everywhere. In schools, offices, on the street. It's an ugly part of human nature and should be discouraged wherever it festers. But aboriginal students in Vancouver don't fail because of racism. To construct any solution around this false premise is counterproductive. Preaching victimization will not raise aboriginal grades.

Would more aboriginal content in the classroom help aboriginal kids learn? Maybe. But there's only so much room in the curriculum, only so much classroom time. However, if the VSB wants to introduce more "non-western" culture to students, it should look first at the Asian community. Lots of good lessons there.



Education Research


Chessqueen Alxandra Kosteniuk's report on Ho Math and Chess.

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Magicdads Reports on Ho Math and Chess articles, click HERE.

Report on North Texas Ho Math and Chess from North Texas Kids, click HERE.

Review on Ho Math and Chess teaching set, click HERE.

Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set

By Frank Ho

Ho Math and Chess

Room #4, 2265 West 41st
Vancouver, BC, Canada VCM 2A3


Ho Math is a beginning chess set. It comes in a little cardboard box (less than 4 x 4 x l inch) and contains 32 playing pieces and a thin plastic sheet with an 11-inch chessboard which folds into the box. The playing pieces are the distinguishing feature of this particular chess game. They are little square tiles, reminiscent of Mah Jong tiles, except these are smaller and less shiny. All of the pieces are engraved with line designs that indicate the ways the pieces may move. Thus a bishop piece has two intersecting lines in an "X" shape with arrows on all four ends. Half of the pieces are marked in red and half in black to signify the two players' pieces.  

No written instructions come with the game. The website contains some instructional videos, but the ones I viewed were a little difficult to see and understand clearly. On the website, you will also find information on math workbooks that are available.  

In my opinion, standard chess pieces are easier to tell apart because they are different shapes and sizes. Ho Chess pieces are identical except for the movement markings. Also, without some basic knowledge of chess, you would not be able to use this set to teach someone the game. Even if you knew what the specific markings on each piece meant, you still need to know the rules of the game: how to set up the pieces, how to capture, point values, castling, etc. My 11-year-old daughter, who knows how to play chess, was not able to play with this set because she needs to see what the pieces physically look like. The pieces were meaningless to her. Perhaps it would be different for a beginner with no previous chess background.  

I think Mr. Ho should include a chart with diagrams showing the various markings, the name of the chess piece, and how it moves and captures. Basic chess instructions would also be helpful to make the game a stand-alone item, not requiring the customer to go elsewhere for information before using the product.  

Beginners or those who have tried learning chess without success may want to investigate Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set.

Product review by Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March 2010

Comment by Frank Ho:

I have used the symbols of my invented Geometry Chess Symbol in my workbooks and created math and chess integrated worksheets and most children found that they are far more interesting than traditional worksheets. The most interesting is I intermixed Geometry Chess Symbols and traditional chess fonts in one workbook and children as young as 4 years old have no problems to accept both “symbols”. Those children who have never learned chess are accepting Ho Math and Chess with no problems at all and they found it is much easier to learn. See video clip, click HERE.
In contrast, I have some teens who have been playing the traditional chess set for a while and frowned at my invented chess set, despite I assured that the difference is only the look and the moves of each piece is marked so it is actually easier. But some of them remain unconvinced and are unwilling to even give a try, why? Their minds have fixed and told them to reject it without even trying. The other problem is their brains have been trained to accept “figures” not “lines” so the adjustment perhaps is difficult for some who have been playing 3-D figurine chess for their life.


Ho Math and Chess vs World Music and Arts friendship chess match held on June, 2010 at Ho Math and Chess headquarters, Vancouver, Canada.

Ho Math and Chess is honored in the top 10% of all franchise opportunities nationwide, USA. click HERE for details.

Ho Math and Chess has been ranked in the top 10% of all franchises nationwide in the USA, Click here for details. 

Ho Math and Chess was ranked as one of the the best concept of franchises, details see a research paper from Taiwan


Ho Math and Chess Math IQ article got interest of media. Read article below.

October 26 at noon (central time) Radio Formula in Mexico interviewed Cesar Chavez in Mexico about Ho Math and Chess . The website of radio formula is

Ho Math and Chess is listed in the Entrpreneur Startups magazine - 820 Companies that Want to Make You a Boss list published in the USA. Page 66, Fall 2009.

Received a purchase request for our workbook Magic Chess and Math Puzzles - for problem solving and math enrichment from Queen's Universoty Library, Ontario, Canada.

You may or may not know this yet but... you've been nominated for a
2009 Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks Award! CONGRATS!


Invited by CHC High Tech Industry Originality Comittee of China to write an introductory article about Ho Math and Chess.

Site highly rated by We have received this because our web site has gained a 3 star rating listed in the Schoolzone web guide - with over 25,000 readers per day, the UK’s largest, independent education web site.



  • Science Discovery reports on Ho Math and Chess summer program.
  • Report on Ho Math and Chess from India in Gujarati.
  • Report on Ho Math and Chess from India in Gujarati.
  • The Epoch Times reported on How My Son Became a Chess Master. click HERE for details.
  • Start from March 2, 2008, Ho Math and Chess will have a weekly Frankho Chess Mazes and Castle Math education column to be appeared on every Sunday in the local Chinese newspaper Epoch Times.
  • Ho Math and Chess founder and CEO Frank Ho was interviewed by Canada national CBC radio on January 18, 2008, the day when Bobby Fischer died. Frank Ho mentioned that he studied Bobby's youth chess life and the early stage of Bobby's self-learning inspired Frank to teach his own son chess in spite of Frank's lack of knowledge in chess and Bobby's inspiration has further sparked Frank's interest to do advanced research in math and chess teaching and the rest is history.




Popular Chinese newspaper Ming Pao wrote an article, in 2005 on Ho Math and Chess Vancouver Summer Program. Every year summer, Ho Math and Chess offers special  summer program for children. Ho Math and Chess created the world's first kinder and junior Magic Chess and Fun Math Puzzles for children.

Ming Pao Chinese newspaper news clip


The Epoch Times, a Vancouver local Chinese newspaper,  wrote two articles (2005) on Ho Math and Chess Vancouver math tutor, Vancouver chess tutor, and  Vancouver summer program for children.



Ho Math and Chess has received the following awards or honors.

  • Ho Math and Chess has been nominated as the top new franchise.
  • Patents applications have been accepted for Symbolic Chess Language.
  • Ho Math and Chess is the world's largest math specialty franchiser.
  • Google consistently ranks Ho Math and Chess on the first page.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math and Chess as one of the top 500 franchisers.
  • Entrepreneur lists Ho Math and Chess as #1 low investment cost franchise.
  • Paper on integrated teaching method is published in peer reviewed math journal.
  • is the winner of The Teacher's Corner Honour Roll Award.
  • Ho Math and Chess teaching method has been statistically proven to be significant in raising students' math marks.