Ho Math Chess Franchise Fee

Each Ho Math Chess learning center is franchised and independently owned.

All fees are to be paid in advance and are subject to change without advanced notice unless a franchise agreement is signed and in effect. 

To compare start-up cost, royalty fee, advertising fee, and per student fee which are mostly levied by other education franchisers, Ho Math Chess is probably one of the the cheapest franchises originated  in North America.  

Ho Math Chess provides an unique math and chess integrated product which is the world's first, consistent teaching method worldwide, quality math workbooks which are only sold through franchisees. Ho Math and Chess is trademark registered with great growth potential in fast way. Ho Math and Chess could be a future star in the learning and education franchise.

If you ever thought about going into a franchise business with global name brand name recognition, then this is your chance. Don't be regret later when you could have joined now for possibly the lowest franchise fee and excellent growth potential.