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At Ho Math Chess, Math is fun! 

Ho Math Chess franchise is possibly the best, outstanding, low-cost, high growth potential franchise opportunity. Don't miss this incredible and valuable business opportunity.

How did Ho Math Chess start? Ho Math Chess has a remarkable resemblance to how Kumon math started - both got started due to founders' personal involvement in their sons' education. In Ho's case, Frank started by teaching his own son chess and then initiated a research project of finding the relationship between math and chess. Ho Math Chess has greater potential of growth by further adding fun puzzles into math.

Unique product + copyrighted workbooks + innovative teaching method + protected territory + international brand name = high growth potential.

Ho Math Chess is the world's largest franchised math, chess, and puzzles integrated learning center.

Google consistently ranks Ho Math Chess on the first page.

Below is a feedback from one of our students (dated September, 2007).

I have been with Ho Math Chess since I was grade 7 and now I am working on grade 12 math. This really is a fun place since kids get to work on not only just math problems, but also puzzle-like chess and math integrated problems. Frank and Amanda are very talented in creating those problems. Sometimes he would let me work on his new creations and asked me for comments. If you feel discouraged because of working on "repetitive" math questions then why not try this real math, chess, and puzzles integrated tutoring place?

Here is my (Tina's) short video interview which you can watch me. Click HERE.

Here is a unedited video clip made by Frank Ho talked about Ho Math Chess history and some workbooks in general. Click HERE

This is a video showing the founder Frank Ho interviewed by a local Chinese TV station, it is an interview initiated by the TV station and is not a paid program or commercial video. It has English subtitles.Click HERE.

If you are interested in joining Ho Math Chess as a franchisee, please take the following steps to get to know Ho Math Chess (based in Canada) better:

Step 1

To purchase (or view) the following 3 books published by Ho Math Chess from

The titles of the above three books are

Introduction to Ho Math Chess and its Founder Ferank Ho

Sample Worksheets of Ho Math Chess Learning Centre

Why Buy a Ho Math Chess Learning Centre Franchise

You can search the above books while your are in

Step 2

After you have read the above books and you still are interested in the possibility of opening a Ho Math Chess Learning Centre, then please tell us what you think of our workbooks and also the reasons why you are interested in opening a Ho Math Chess.

Step 3

Please e-mail us a copy of your resume and one page of your business plan to "".

Step 4

We will contact you and to see if you are qualified.


  • Ho Math Chess offers math specialty program from pre-k to grade 7. Click HERE to view a 4 years old boy working on Ho Math Chess worksheets. 
  • Ho Math Chess teaching methodology has been officially published in peer-reviewed math journal, click HERE for details. Also click HERE for another paper.
  • Owns proprietary intellectual properties of integrated math workbooks with international copyrights and a chess set invention with Geometry Chess Symbols. These products have srong product differentiation. Click HERE for invention. Click HERE for details on workbooks.
  • Ho Math Chess is the world's largest math, chess and puzzles specialty learning centre.
  • Ho Math Chess teaching method has been statistically proven to be significant in raising students' math marks. Details, click HERE.
  • is the winner of The Teacher's Corner Honour Roll Award.
  • Google consistently ranks Ho Math Chess on the first page.
  • Entrepreneur magazine lists Ho Math Chess as one of the top 500 franchisers. Click here.
  • Entrepreneur magazine lists Ho Math Chess as #1 low investment cost franchise.
  • Award winner workbook for Frankho ChessDoku.  Click HERE for details.  Click HERE
  • Single unit or multi-unit operations available.
  • Exclusive territory assigned.
  • low cost start-up and on-going operations.
  • Free training and on-going free consultation.
  • Leader in math, chess, and puzzles integrated teaching.
  • International brand name recognition.
  • The franchisees sell Ho Math Chess workbooks to parents and 100% profits go to franchisees.
  • U.S. $7500, single unit, three-year franchise fee up to 1 million population as exclusie territory in a city for USA or Canada.
  • No royalty, franchise fees may vary for different countries. 


Ho Math Chess is based in Vancouver, Canada.  tutoring child education franchise summer education camp summer camp
Headquarters Address: 6093 West Boulevard (& West 45th Street), Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6M 3X2 ate math tutor private chess coach summer math camp
Phone:  1-604-263-4321 for franchise details


  • To watch Chinese TV interview with English subtitles about Ho Math and Chess, click HERE.   .
  • To watch Frank Ho presenting the history of Ho Math Chess, click HERE.
  • To watch Frankho puzzle demo, click HERE.  
  • To watch 4-year old Chinese boy's math fractions, click HERE.
  • 何数棋谜创始人Frank Ho talks about Ho Math Chess, Click .
  • To view Chinese media report, click HERE 
  • To view English media report, click HERE.
  • To view Ho Math Chess in Turkish, click HERE 


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The prospective franchisees should conduct due diligence before making any decision by searching Internet to see if there are any complaints registered against the learning centre.