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Ho Math and Chess awards franchise in Texas, USA
Jun 24, 2010 --


Ho Math and Chess awards franchise in Texas, USA

June 24, 2010 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 



Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess based in Canada, is very pleased to announce that a new franchise from Texas, USA has joined Ho Math and Chess team. 

Ho Math and Chess North Texas is located in Plano, TX, USA and is managed by Mrs. Diana Zetune. Mrs. Zetune has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and specialized in Oncology/Bone marrow transplant. She has been working as a chess teacher since 2007 in both private and public schools in North Texas. 

Mrs. Zetune truly believes that Ho Math and Chess program improves children’s learning ability and thinking process. The innovative geometry chess symbol teaching set helps children understand the concept of math as early as four years of age. 

She believes that every child needs Ho Math and Chess. Math is fun with this unique program and children are challenged as never before! 

You can contact Mrs. Diana Zetune about Ho Math and Chess via phone at 972-591-3001 or visit her website at www.homathchess.com.

For more information on Ho Math and Chess franchise and its workbooks, restimonials, and its articles, please visit www.mathandchess.com.