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Ho Math and Chess Invents New Chess Teaching Set for Children
chess teaching set for children
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- Mar 26, 2008 --

Ho Math and Chess Invents New Chess Teaching Set for Children

How to teach children play chess? How about using the method of "you move what you see"? Frank Ho, the CEO of Ho Math and Chess Canada, used exactly this idea and invented a revolutionary new chess teaching set. This incredible chess training set is especially designed to train children as young as 4 years old to play chess.

The special geometric symmetry property of each chess piece is incorporated into the design along with the geometric concepts of lines, line segments and symmetry. From the children's view, the starting move position is always at the intersection of either lines or line segments in a symmetric view. This makes moves of each chess piece much easier and all moves are in the orientation as exactly taught in all chess books. For example, knight is moved in L shape with a turn point in the center of chess piece. Each piece has a transformation point, as in geometry, in the middle.

Children can learn to play chess almost immediately after opening the chess box and the learning curve has been cut from days to less than an hour.

Ho Math and Chess also incorporated this chess teaching set in its math and chess integrated workbooks so there is a smooth transition from play chess to working on math and chess integrated workbooks. This is the world's first chess teaching system that is able to create the link of playing chess to working on math and chess integrated workbooks including Frankho Chess Maze - a new chess maze invention created by Frank Ho. Children keep coming back to ask for more of it.

An added advantage for this new chess training set is each chess piece is flat surfaced so children can play blind chess with hours of fun using a simple rule - all pieces move like a rook. The entire set fits easily right into one's pocket (dimension is about 8 cm by 8 cm by 2 cm).

For more details on this product, please visit www.mathandchess.com, or email mathandchess@telus.net, or contact Frank Ho at 604-263-4321. Ho Math and Chess Canada is located at Room # 4, 2265 West 41st, Vancouver, BC, Canada.