Frankho IQ Chess Mazes Workout and Worksheets

 Ho Math and Chess Invents Frankho IQ Chess Mazes and Castle Math

Frank Ho, founder of Ho Math and Chess, is pleased to announce the invention of Frankho Chess Mazes and Castle Math which uses his invention of Frankho Geometry Chess Symbols (patents applied) to weave chess and geometry together to have created a new and innovative maze to teach children math and also provide entertainment value. 

Frankho Chess Mazes are not only fun to work with, they also teach geometry concept of transformation, and in addition, they improve children's spatial relation, visualization and analytic ability.  They are fun, enriching, and enlightening, totally addictive.

Children navigate Frankho maze path from queen's square to king's square by analyzing chess moves and thus making slides, flips, rotation and possibly knight jumps to finally reach destination. By combining chess and math, Frankho Chess Mazes and Castle Math has changed the way that math is normally being taught. No prerequisites are required to play these chess mazes and castle math. A sample is shown below. More details please visit

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Math and Chess for Children: Age 4 +, kindergartner and junior

Ho Math and Chess does not just teach math and chess under one roof and called itself Math and Chess , the founder Frank Ho had a vision to integrate chess into math curriculum and in the past over 10 years, Frank devoted his time and energy in this area and today Frank Ho is the leading authority in the field of math and chess integrated teaching with many publications and research papers and also some unique and innovative inventions namely Frankho Geometric Chess Language, Frankho Chess Mazes and a brand new chess training set for young children.
Ho Math and Chess has "whole" lot of more to offer than just math and chess.
Elementary school Children! You have suffered long enough by continuing to work on "drill to kill" worksheets. Using our innovative way of teaching math by integrating math, chess, mathematical chess puzzles, IQ puzzles, word problems, math contests problems, you are guaranteed to have a new and fresh look on how math is taught at Ho Math and Chess.
Ho Math and Chess program offers children the opportunity to learn math and chess at the same time, its purpose is not to train children to become professional chess players, but to raise their higher level thinking skills, train their brain to think deeply, train children's mental state to be more alert when working on analytical problems.
Ho Math and Chess does not just use chess as a teaching tool, but also uses its world's first math and chess integrated workbooks to teach computation ability and train children to master basics in a fun and entertainment way. 
 How to Teach Kindergartner Chess and Math?
Frank Ho, Amanda Yang
Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre
BC certified Teacher
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The integrated chess and math teaching strategy for children as young as 4 and half years old is very different from teaching much older children. In learning chess, many very young children do not care as much as their parents as to their progresses or how much they have learned, instead what they care is if they have fun or not. What are the problems facing a chess or math teacher when teaching chess to kindergartners? Among other children’s readiness and emotional problems, the following are a list of problems a chess teach might run into:
·       Using traditional chess set to teach very young children chess presents a headache for chess coaches that is the moves of chess are difficult for some children to master and it seems to turn children off if they are not familiar with the chess moves.
·       Chess benefits children in many ways but chess playtime do not really teach computation part of math. Children do not improve their ability of four basic facts of arithmetic operations by just playing chess.
·       Some children just do not like to play chess.
Frank Ho has invented a new chess training chess set by displaying possible chess moves right on each chess piece – You Move What You See. He also invented a Geometric Chess Language to link chess and math such that children can learn arithmetic basics with fun. The Frankho chess is so intriguing that children ask more after trying out a few themselves and these children can still get some chess benefit by doing chess mazes.
With the inventions of new chess training set for kindergartner, Geometric Chess Symbol, and Frankho Chess Maze, kindergartner chess and math teaching has entered into a new era.
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