Ho Math and Chess Show
It is Magic!

Ho Math and Chess Show is the world's first, one-of-a-kind, and an unique magic show with math and chess as its main theme. It is educational, entertaining, and inspiring for both children (from kindergarten children and up) and adults. The show is filled with laughter, fun, and intricacies. It promotes good value in math and chess learning from an entertainment view point. Some of the programs include the following:

  1. The Number Puzzle
  2. Knight Tour
  3. Where is the queen?
  4. Find the missing number
  5. Mental Math
  6. Touch move
  7. Name that object
  8. Make a wish
  9. Find that pattern
  10. Name that colour 

If you are interested in having a Ho Math and Chess Show in your birthday party or any other activities such as children's festival, community festial, education conference, teacher's professional day, school seminars, shopping mall promotions, parents' conference etc. please contact Frank Ho at 604-263-4321 for details.