Ho Math Chess Staten Island

The location described below is no longer a Ho Math Chess franchisee since November 1, 2014. Anyone who continues to use Ho Math Chess business name or similar names or our workbooks is doing unethical business and also is illegal.

The founder Frank Ho welcomes anyone who is interested joining Ho Math Chess in Staten Island to set up a business to continue our services in Staten Island, Please contact us at mathandchess@telus.net on how to join us. This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Location: 5425 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10312, USA

Phone: Injun at 718-608-9303 

Staten Island Ho Math Chess is owned by Mr. Injun Lyo who has over 10 years of management and consulting experience. Injun brings his excellent personal and communication skills into education, students will appreciate his articulated way of explaining on how to solve a math problem or the reasons of making a chess move. 

Injun firmly believes that the Ho Math Chess teaching chess set is a rest way of learning chess by using the "You See is What You move " methodology. With Ho Math Chess teaching chess set, Children as young as 4 years old can play chess in just half of hour of learning.

Injun particularly likes to have chess integrated into math to motivate students to learn math. Injun thinks the invention of Geometry Chess Symbol (invented with geometry concepts) by Ho Math Chess is an education breakthrough in tutoring math and this is also how Ho Math Chess stands out above the crowd.

 At Ho Math and Chess, Math is fun.

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Ho Math and Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!