Ho Math Chess Franchise Business Opportunity

There are NO

  •  no monthly per student fee.
  •  no monthly royalty.
  •  no advertising royalty.

As a franchisee, you only have to pay a flat annual franchise fee and that is all. There are no other hidden franchise fees to pay, no strings attached. Team up with us for a win-win situation. A good and honest deal.

International brand name Ho Math  Chess™ franchising opportunity is truly an once-in-a-life-time opportunity. We offer unconventional franchisee model.


 We offer the followings to you.

  1. Free training and on-going support. 
  2. Unique and marketable intellectual product. The proprietary product is copyright protected and has a identity of mathematical chess puzzles contents.
  3. Consistent teaching method through out all Ho Math Chess™ Learning Centres.
  4. Probably the lowest franchise fee ever offered in the franchising industry.
  5. Approved and registered trademark "Ho Math Chess" international brand name recognition.
  6. Worldwide web domain www.mathandchess.com recognition (ranked highly on search engines with a keyword such as "math and chess".) and a dedicated web page for each franchisee.
  7. A niche marketing product with resale right in an exclusive territory, for details click HERE.
  8. No market saturation since the marketing territory is exclusively protected.

Franchising Opportunity FAQs

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