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Dear Parents and students:

My name is Frank Ho, founder of  Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre. As a parent myself, I understand just how frustrating it is to try to find a good learning centre Ho Math and Chess. Click HERE to learn how Ho Math and Chess got started. I hope the following questions that are frequently asked by our parents could help you choose a good learning centre.

 How to select a good learning centre?

Allow me to present my view on how to pick a good learning centre. It is important that you visit the centre yourself to see how it operates and observe if the children are happy in the centre, that is probably why the referral is such an important factor in choosing a good learning centre. 

What is the philosophy of the learning centre? If the learning centre's philosophy is simply to drill student's computation skills and yet you are looking for a place where it would also teach problem solving skills then you probably would know the drill-style learning centre is not exactly what you want. How can you tell if the centre in deed has a teaching philosophy? It is not what the owner tells you counts, the material tells all. The other compelling evidence is if the owner could tell you how the learning centre got started in the first place? Read the story on how Ho Math and Chess got started by clicking HERE.

If you visited the centre and liked the teaching goal and philosophy then you should ask the class size, teacher's qualifications, and teaching method etc.   A good learning centre should be able to help your children on school work and should know what is being taught at school and offer individual help to each student. 

At Ho Math and Chess we strive to fit ourselves into the above picture, so please visit or call us before you make a decision on where to go.

 Why are you called Ho Math and Chess? 

In a nut shell, we are a specialized math learning centre using chess as a teaching and learning tool to not only teach chess but also improve student's ability in problem solving.

But why chess? Chess is the most popular board game people played everyday worldwide and Chess benefits children.  There are hundreds of published research papers on how chess benefits children in the areas of academe, learning ability and behavior etc.  Please click HERE for details on how chess benefits children.

Ho Math and Chess is founded by Mr. Frank Ho, a Canadian math teacher, and the brand name carries his founding philosophy and vision, it represents caring, loving, and an innovative teaching method. The trademarked name "Ho Math and Chess" reveals part of its history of "Ho Math and Chess" and its tradition.

 How is your chess lesson different from others? 

We all know that math and chess are related mathematically, but there was no math and chess integrated material for children to work on before we created the unique, world's first, one-of-a-kind, copyrighted math and chess integrated materials for grade 1 to grade 7.  This is how we set apart from others. integrated chess into our math program as a learning tool to enhance, expand and embrace mathematics curriculum.

The chess lessons offered at after-school or lunch programs, community centres, or chess clubs are just pure chess, that is all. The value of chess lessons offered at Ho Math and Chess is unmatched by others. Students could acquire the knowledge of math, chess, problem solving, chess puzzles, and mathematical puzzles all at the same time at Ho Math and Chess. We continue researching and improving our chess workbook to maintain its highest quality standard.

 How is your math lesson different from others? 

We are one of the most reputable after-school franchised math learning centres. We specialize in tutoring math from grade 1 to grade 12, calculus. All grade 1 to grade 7 students are recommended to purchase two to three workbooks: one is for computation and the other two are for problem-solving and mathematical chess puzzles. We are a dedicated, warm, supportive team motivated in improving student's grade marks.

All courses are tailored to each student's need, For example, the following combo courses could be offered with only one course fee paid for elementary students:

  • math + word problem solving
  • math + problem solving puzzles + magic chess and math puzzles
  • mathematical chess puzzles + problem solving puzzles
  • math + private school entrance exam
  • math + math contest preparation
  • Chess for Juniors

For high school students, the following combo courses could possibly be offered to tailor to each student's need:

  • math + physics
  • math + chemistry
  • math + calculus
  • math + provincial exam

 Where is Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre located?

There may be a Ho Math and Chess near your address, please click HERE for various locations.

 Any questions or comments?

We value your feedback. Please do not hesitate to call Frank Ho at 604-263-4321 or email him at (click HERE by using the password 123) if you have any further questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you for visiting our web site.



Vancouver Ho Math and Chess Learning Centre location: Room # 4, 2265 West 41st, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, other locations please click HERE.




Ho Math and Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!


Frank Ho, MSc.

Canadian certified teacher, Founder of Ho Math and Chess