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world's first pioneered by Frank Ho originated in Canada unique Ho Math and Chess Learning Center low cost franchise, once in a life time, incredible deal, innovative teaching idea using chess as a teaching tool to teach math -  fun and learning

Ho Math Chesshas unique, copyright protected intellectual products (patent pending) with trademark registration of Ho Math  Chess.

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Our teaching materials could be classified into different modules to suit individual's needs.

1. Chess and Math Puzzles connection

2. Mathematical Chess Puzzles

3. Numeration, Mental Arithmetic, and Math Contest Problems 

4. Word Problems

5. Computation

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cover__preface_and_back_cover_for_magic_chess_and_math_puzzles.pdf 178.3K
cover__preface_and_back_cover_of_fundamental_magic_chess_and_math_puzzles.pdf 119.0K
cover__preface_for_Ho_Math_and_Chess_computation.pdf 150.3K


Materials are constantly been updated so please contact Frank Ho at click HERE by using the password 123 for the most updated versions. 

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Ho Math and Chess = A Cool and Fun Way to Learn Math!