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Our Student Chess Set is probably the lowest price you would find in North America. If you are in vancouver, please phone 604-263-4321 to purchase in person and the cost for the entire set is Canadian $10.00 without shipping charge.

To purchase online, the total cost is $15 including shipping.

Any comments or suggestions, please contact mathandchess@telus.net.   

Thank you.

Frank Ho

Student Chess Set (click to purchase)

This student chess set includes a vinyl bag, a vinyl chessboard, and 32 plastic chess pieces. The chessboard can easily be fit on the surface of a school-sized desk, no special chess table required to conduct chess lessons or play chess at school.

It is very copmpact and easily to carry anywhere, the bag even has room for a chess clock or to store chess scores sheets. The chessboard and chess bag are green and chess pieces are ivory. King is 2.50" in length.

The Student Chess Set price US $15.00 includes Postal & Handling and GST, PST.