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Fundamental Math (Fractions, Decimals, Ratio, Equations)

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About Math and Chess Workbook 

I have taken the initiative to co-author a few workbooks so far: Mathematical Chess Puzzles for Juniors, Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors and Math Contest Preparation. 


Mathematical Chess Puzzles for Juniors was created for a simple reason. If there is relationship between mathematics and chess then there should be a material which youngsters could work in to.


Fun Math Puzzles for Juniors was created simply because not all grade1 kids or ESL students could read word questions well enough to solve the problems. Therefore, a math puzzles workbook without long English sentences was born.


Math Contest Preparation was created out of  the frustration of not being able to find a suitable workbook with which to coach students in Mathcounts math contest.


The creation of Math and Chess Workbook is because I could not find a workbook which encompasses computation, word problems, mathematical chess puzzles and math puzzles all in one.

I have taught students from grade 1 to grade 12 since I opened the Vancouver Math and Chess Learning Centre in 1995. The major difference which readers would find this workbook different from others is that the problems in the workbook have been designed and developed according to observations from my actual teaching experience.

I have noticed that many parents and students have abandoned the idea of brutally memorizing the multiplication table, but I do not want to create a workbook which is about practice, practice, and more practice of computational  skills. This has inspired me to create a  workbook that wouldl be very different from the conventional ones in terms of the way the questions are presented to the students. I wanted students to learn basic computation skills by using the carefully designed worksheets in a painless and intuitive way. These worksheets were being designed while I actually watched student’s responses and modified accordingly to their responses.

The other special feature included in this workbook is the problems with math contest quality are included in the workbook, so work on this book will also benefit students in preparation for math contest. 

Frank Ho, 2004